Green and yellow stone fruit.

About this coffee: This lot comes from Glanmalure Farm, a specialty-focused farm owned by Vera Stucker and part of her larger estate, Ngila Coffee. This lot was part of “The Best of Tanzania” before the auction and we were lucky to get it.

Glanmalure is based in the Arusha region in Northern Tanzania on the slopes of the Ngorongoro Crater. The farm has grown coffee for around 100 years in an altitude from 1550 m to 1650 masl. They grow traditional varieties like Kent, Bourbons and SL28 and also Batian, Gesha and Pacamara. All coffees are grown under the shade of trees next to 80 hectares of preserved rainforest, going up to more than 1800 m high.

Glanmalure Special – Kent Honey

Producer : Vera Stucker

Varietal: Kent

Process: Yellow Honey (sundried in parchment until it is a rich yellow)

Country: Tanzania

Altitude: 1600-1650 MASLĀ 

Roast profile: Espresso and filter.

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