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About this coffee:

Sweet, Stone fruits & Berries

Esmerita Vazquez’s farm, La Esperanza has been singled out as one of the top lots from the region this year. This partly due to the farm’s location high in the hills of the Cajamarca region, sitting high at 1850masl the farm has fantastic altitude to grow coffee.

This year’s lot from La Esperanza, contains several different local varieties, most notable would be the renowned Geisha. Rumour has it that Esmerita received a selection of seeds from a passing traveller who, without explaining the variety, told Esmerita the seeds would produce excellent quality coffee. With hope in mind, she decided to cultivate the strange seeds. It was only when, sometime later, another producer was to visit Esmerita’s farm that the trees were identified as Geisha.

This is a theme seen throughout the Cajamarca region due to the ever-increasing premiums paid for 85+ SCA scoring lots, numbers of new varieties and ‘Nano lots’ continue to grow in the region to meet demands. This drive to develop great coffee is also one promoted by the Alpes Andinos association, believing that producing better quality, leads to producer empowerment and wider benefits for all coffee families

Farm: La Esperanza 
Variety: Red Caturra, Typica, Geisha &
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1,850 masl
Roast profile: Espresso & Filter

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