Kenya, Gicherori Decaf Espresso


Mixed Berries & biscuit 

About this coffee: This co­ffee was produced by around 1,200 smallholder farmers delivering to the Gicherori washing station, located in Embu county on the slopes of Mount Kenya. The members of the Kibugu Farmer’s Cooperative who deliver to this washing station (one of five the society operates) live nearby, usually within a mile or two.

The factory was started in 1997 to relieve Kathakwa and Ndunduri factories, which were at capacity. Farm sizes in the region are very small averaging only 200 trees and so families also grow food crops such as maize, bananas and beans for their own consumption, as well as other cash crops such as tea.

This decaf has been prepared using a CO2 water method and has a rich berry acidity and sweetness.

Farm: Gicherori Factory
Variety: SL28, Ruiri 11 & Batian
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1,650 masl
Roast profile: Espresso

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