El Salvador, Finca Carmen Natural


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Blueberry, Apple & Caramel

El Carmen has been a well respected specialty estate for many years now, this reputation has been built due to the  managements attention detail, with great emphasis placed on maintaining the identity of each lot from the moment its coffee cherries are harvested until the point when the green beans are ready for export. The estate’s coffee is produced under approximately 60% shade cover, which is required for the coffee to ripen evenly. This level of cover is typical for El Salvador, and helps to maintain the level of quality that we have come to expect from this origin. 

El Carmen cultivates a number of different varieties of coffee, this natural lot comprises of 100% Orange, which are natural mutations of the famous Red Bourbon. During the harvest, the Bourbon cherries are hand-picked only when perfectly ripe. They are kept separate from other varieties and floated to remove any debris or underweight cherries. After this, they are delivered to dry on African Beds for 21 days, where they are regularly raked (initially every 20 minutes) to ensure even drying. They spend an additional three to four days on clay patios, for a total drying time of around 26 days. Finally, the beans are prepared and all defects removed and screened to uniform size.

Farm: Finca El Carmen
Variety: 100% Orange Bourbon
Process: Natural

Altitude: 1,300 masl
Roast profile: Espresso

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