Stewed apple, brown sugar & soft citrus

About this coffee:

Popayan is the capitol of Cauca, a region of Colombia with great coffee producing heritage. The coffees from the region are among the best in Colombia and the Sugar cane decaf processing does little to alter the delicate flavours.

The Popayan Reserve program involves 67 farms in Cauca carefully selected to produce coffees that are sweet and balanced with a minimum score of 83.5 points.

Decaffeinated Colombian Popayan Reserve

Producer: Popayan Reserve

Varietal: Colombia, Castillo, Caturra, Caturra, Catimor & Typica

Process: Fully Washed and then Sugar Cane Decaffeinated

Country: Colombia

Altitude: 1600 – 1800 masl

Roast Profile: Espresso

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