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About this coffee: Located in Matas de Minas, Sítio São Gabriel has been in Aimar’s family for over 40 years. Although Aimar has been growing coffee for most of his life, he claims that it wasn’t until he started planting and growing specialty, that things start to get better.

The story of Sítio São Gabriel began over 40 years ago when Aimar’s father bought the land. Originally, before the Carmo’s took over, the farmland had been used for grazing cattle. This had led to the soil becoming infertile, due to overgrazing. Seeking to make the land fertile again and guarantee a better quality of life, the family started to plant coffee. Today, the Carmo family’s hard work has paid off, as Sítio São Gabriel has rich enough soil that no fertiliser is needed.

Great care is taken when harvesting the coffee. Amir and his family make sure to pick only the ripest fruit, as well as separating the lots into the day they were picked. The rich nutty flavour, combined with a ‘sweet shop’ aroma, will demonstrate how Amir’s family hard work has paid off.

Farm: Sitio Sao Gabriel
Variety: Yellow Catucai
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1,228 masl
Roast profile: Espresso

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