Brazil, Morada da Prada peaberry


Dense, chocolatey and sweet.

About this coffee: 

Morada da Prata is a 5th generation coffee farm. In the 1800’s Henry Dumont (The founder) became known as The King of Coffee, with 5 Million coffee plants, outside of Ribeirão Preto. The first of this scale and the most innovative of its kind in South America.

Today about 1/3 of the farm has been set aside to preserve native forest and also the wildlife that roams it. Five generations later; Arnaldo Ribeiro, is innovating and developing specialty coffees at the farm. Keeping up with modern processing and varietals is vital to the success and future of the farm.

Farm:Morada da Prada peaberry
Variety: Various 
Process: Natural
Altitude: 950 to 1,100 masl

Farm Established: 1879; Fifth-generation farm.

Location: Alta Mogiana, Sul de Minas, Brazil

Total Farm Size: 456 Hectares

Roast profile: Espresso and Filter

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