Our Story

Mokoko first flung open its doors on a cold winter’s morning back in January 2011. Brimming with enthusiasm and hope, along with a few crossed fingers the months soon rolled by, with signs that we were doing something right (we shall selflessly gloss over any alleged mistakes that may have been made).

As our reputation started to grow we focused our thoughts on what phrases like ‘best and great coffee’ actually meant and what was really important to people.
The answers suggested this was nearly entirely subjective as coffee can mean so many different things to different people. Dark roast, light roast or the new kid on the block omni roast? To sugar or not to sugar? Americano or Long Black? Cortado or Piccolo? Small and perfectly formed 6oz or comforting 12oz? Familiar flavours notes of chocolate & nut or ‘out-there’ floral masterpieces? What method? A beautiful Syphon or a good ol’ friendly and reliable Aeropress?
We quickly realised there is no right or wrong, there are just preferences. Some wish to embark on a spiritual coffee journey whilst others have the journey taken care of with their daily commute and simply want what they already know and love. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!
This ultimately meant buying the right coffees, roasting them well and paying attention to all the finer details right through to the first sip, always aiming to keep it transparent and simple in a fun-loving ‘tastes great’ kind of way.

In spring of 2012 we made a cake. Then we made a few more, then a few more after that. Then the little mixer started to get unhappy and bailed on us, the oven soon followed suit and it retired too.
Throughout the next two years armed with our new floor standing mixer and ovens, that humble little cake idea continued to grow. Unfortunately, the 9sq metre room we operated in couldn’t do the same, so it was obvious a plan was urgently needed.
In the spring of 2016 we opened our third Mokoko in the fabulous area of Wapping Wharf in Bristol. This new shop would also be home to our brand new open plan bakery (with real sunlight flooding the kitchen, rather than fluorescent strip lighting), with customers who we could talk to, who could in turn watch us chop, weigh, mix, knead and bake to their heart’s content.
Today our bakery make a number of cakes that after much essential taste testing, have been refined and tweaked to perfection including well known classics and some funky new numbers. We also make a variety of doughs and pastries from scratch that go into making our croissants, muffins, buns and tarts. No ready mixes here, we make things big on flavour, size and naughtiness but worth it every time.

“Mokoko opened its second branch in Bristol in 2016 with an open-plan bakery where the café’s unique cakes are created for both the Bath and Bristol sites. You won’t find these offerings anywhere else. A gem of a find and recently voted one of the UK’s top 25 coffee businesses by The Sunday Times.”bathmagazine